Internship Movie Review

The Іnternship (2013) – movie review 

A couple of seasoned salesmen (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) find themselves at a bit of a loss when, in spite of their strong track record and sales success, the company they worked for years suddenly shuts down.

If you are looking to have fun at the movies, this is your ticket – wildly predictable but immensely enjoyable, the film is funny, somewhat charming and tells a story that is not so out there as one might think. I know a few forty-somethings embarking on ”internships” these days.

And in spite of the simplicity of this plot, you will be rooting for the salesmen and the team they end up building by being nice people. Somewhere along the line nice became synonymous with boring and uncool, but I think this is not only charming but refreshing.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to use the movies to tell a nice story.

A strong cast  with Assif Mandvi, Rose Byrne and Max Minghella, the superior comedic timing and chemistry of Vaughn and Wilson (who make it look so easy some critics may fail to appreciate their smooth delivery) round the film out -and Google’s best side (a little overkill on the product placement, maybe)  make this film plausible, fun and very easy to watch.

This is not a drama or a statement on society – this is the perfect afternoon at the movies for fun that is neither tense or taxing – nor boring in the least. “The Internship” is a quick ride makes a couple of hours zip by.

So go ahead and hit the matinee – take the family and buy some popcorn and get out of the heat. This film is the perfect vehicle for it: timely, funny and quite entertaining. I can tell you with the complete assurance you will leave the theater feeling better than when you walked in, which these days are a strong recommendation.